OSHA 600 - Collateral Duty Safety and Health Course

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General Instructions

This web based training package uses graphics to enhance the presentation of the training material. A text only version of this material is not provided or supported.    

The first time you use this training package, in order to optimize your computer to take full advantage of its features, your computer should be configured as described in this section.  Because each computer system is different, some configuration requirements may not be fully supported by your computer. The five areas of your computer system these instructions are designed to help you check and/or configure are:

  1. Web Browser
  2. Screen Resolution
  3. Color Depth
  4. Audio
  5. PDF Documents

Click on each of the five items, above, for step-by-step instructions.

Instructions for Server Administrator or Web Master for installing this WBT Course to a server from the CD-ROM.

After you have gone through this "system configuration," you will not need to do this again unless:

If you have a question or a problem with your computer system, contact your local Computer Support Center for assistance.

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