Laboratory Safety


Chemical Hygiene Plans

All field personnel who may be working in a laboratory, inspecting a laboratory, or working with hazardous chemicals, should review the Chemical Hygiene Plan (CHP) prior to beginning work.

The Chemical Hygiene Plan should include the following:

  • Standard operating procedures (SOPs) relevant to employee health and safety for work with hazardous chemicals
  • Criteria that the employer will use to implement control measures to reduce exposures; these control measures can include engineering controls, hygiene practices, and protective equipment
  • A requirement that laboratory hoods and other protective equipment function properly and adequately
  • Provisions for employee information and training
  • Circumstances under which particular lab operations require prior management approval
  • Provisions for medical consultation and exams
  • Designation of personnel responsible for implementing the CHP, including a Chemical Hygiene Officer (CHO) and/or a Chemical Hygiene Committee (CHC)
  • Additional protection provisions for work with particularly hazardous substances.

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