Pollution Prevention Planning System

This application must be downloaded and installed on your computer.  The instructions below explain how to download and install this program. 

Print this page by selecting File, Print on your browser toolbar.  You should use this printed page to help download and install this application.

Download the self-extracting file Guide.exe (approx. 5.7Mb) by clicking on the "Download Now!" button.  Be patient-- if you have a very slow internet connection this could take some time to complete.  For example, a file of this size on a 28.8 modem connection may take 2-hours or more to download.

Click here to start download

When prompted by your computer for a location to save the Guide.exe file to, select a folder on your computer, such as "\windows\temp\," and same to file to this location.  Remember to write down the directory where you saved this file.

After the download is complete, use the Windows File Manager/Explorer and locate the Guide.exe file saved on your computer.   Double-click on this file and it will automatically start the self-extraction and installation process.

Follow the on-screen instructions on how to install the program to your computer.

Start the application by opening "Pollution Prevention Plan" in your Windows program group.  You have successfully installed this application to your computer.

PE02569_.wmf (26986 bytes)

After you have gone through this "system configuration," you will not need to do this again unless:

  • your system has been changed
  • you want to verify or reconfigure your system settings, or
  • you need to reinstall the application (Guide.exe) to your system.

You can completely remove this application from your computer by selecting the uninstall option from the Pollution Prevention Plan Utility program group.

If you have a question or a problem with your computer system, contact your local Computer Support Center for assistance.

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