Test System Configuration

This configuration utility uses JavaScript to detect your current system settings to assist you in properly configuring your computer to use this product.  If you did not see a pop-up dialog box when you first entered this page which said, "Your browser has JavaScript enabled. Click OK to continue." you must first enable JavaScript before continuing.  Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript.

If you saw the pop-up dialog box when you entered this page and clicked "OK," you can proceed to the "Auto Detect System Configuration" section, below.

Auto Detect System Configuration

The following table is designed to automatically gather information concerning the current configuration of your computer system, i.e., type of browser, color depth, etc., and display this information in the column labeled "Current System Settings."  The column labeled "Minimum System Settings" provides information on what minimum or recommended system settings are required to use this product.  To quickly determine if your system is configured properly, look at the green "Current System Settings" column below, if you see a red background in any cell of the table, this indicates a possible problem with your current system configuration.

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System Settings


Browser Type
and Version



Microsoft Internet Explorer

Netscape Communicator/Navigator or Microsoft Internet Explorer version 4.0 or higher is required to use this product.


version 4.0
or higher

Color Depth


or higher

The following system settings for color depth are supported by this product:
  • 8-bit (256-colors) (MINIMUM)
  • 16-bit (64,000-colors) (BETTER)
  • 24-bit (millions of colors) (BEST)

Java Enabled



Java must be enabled ("Yes") to use this product. 

Cookies Enabled



Cookies must be enabled ("Yes") to use this product. 

Screen Resolution


800 x 600
or higher

This product is designed to be viewed at 800 x 600 pixels or higher. 

After completing the "Auto Detect System Configuration" section above, you can proceed to the "Browser Plug-ins" section, below.

Browser Plug-ins

This program uses RealPlayer G2 streaming technology to deliver page narration and Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print reference materials. Auto detection of these browser plug-ins is not possible. Click on the graphics below for instructions on how to manually check your system and install the appropriate plug-in, if needed:

RealPlayer G2 Browser Plug-in Instructions

Adobe Acrobat Reader Browser Plug-in Instructions

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