Test Screen Resolution

"Resolution" refers to the number of pixels, measured horizontally and vertically, your computer monitor uses to display text and graphics on the screen. The most common screen resolutions used on computers today are:

This computer is using...
Screen Resolution (pixels)
pixels If you're still unsure about what setting your computer display is using and your computer is using the Windows 95/98 operating system, follow the instructions in the "Checking Display Settings (Windows 95/98 only)" section, below.

The graphic below demonstrates the different screen resolutions available.   Obviously, a higher the screen resolution allows more area on the screen for information to be displayed.  However, several other things must be considered before it changing the screen resolution of your computer:

Sample of common screen resolutions
Common screen resolutions

Checking Display Settings (Windows 95/98 only)



Click on "Start" to open the pop-up command menu.  Select "Settings" and "Control Panel" and click on "Control Panel."



From the "Control Panel" menu double-click "Display."



Click on the "Settings" tab along the top of the pop-up "Display Properties" menu screen. Your computer screen resolution setting will appear in the area labeled "Desktop area." This setting can be changed using the slide control.

Note: This screen is also where you can check the number of colors (Color Depth) available on your computer.  This area is labeled "Color palette" and can be changed using the drop-down combo control. 

If you have a question or a problem with your computer system, contact your local Computer Support Center for assistance.


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